Details of Hospital Staff

Sr. No. Staff Name Designation FT/ PT/ On Call
1 Dr. R. S. Patil Medical Superintendent F.T.
2 Dr. U.A. Puranik Sr. Medical Officer F.T.
3 Dr.(Mrs.) S.P.Shevale Medical Officer F.T.
4 Dr.(Mrs.) S.S.Neve Medical Officer F.T.
5 Dr. P.I. Powalkar Resi. Medical Officer F.T.
6 Dr. Madhuri Khot Resi. Medical Officer F.T.
7 Dr. Rupali A. Patil Resi .Medical Officer F.T.
8 Dr. M.N. Ghatage Surgeon (Gen.)** F.T.
9 Dr. Deelip Paranjape Anesthetist * On Call
10 Dr. S.D. Sangaonkar Anesthetist * P.T.
11 Dr. S. M. Kothawale Obst/ Gynae. ** F.T.
12 Dr. Niranjan Patil Radiologist * On Call
13 Dr. V. G. Powar Pathologist /Biochemist ** F.T.
14 Dr. Rohit Patil Orthopedics Surgeon P.T.
15 Dr. S.K. Maskar Dentist On Call
16 Dr. S.R. Patil Physician F.T.
17 Dr. R.M. Nigade Pediatrician P.T.
18 Dr. Rachana Sampatkumar Dermatologist P.T.
19 Dr. P.M. Chougule Psychiatrist P.T.
20 Dr. S.N. Basarge Ophthalmogist F.T.
21 Dr. K.K. Rasal H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
22 Dr. S.M. Jogdande H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
23 Dr. S.B. Kamble H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
24 Dr. S.A. Salokhe H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
25 Dr. P.B. Labade H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
26 Dr. P.A. Parle H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
27 Dr. Chhabriya Pooja Chanderlal H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
28 Dr. Khondre Pooia Ravindra H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
29 Dr. Pawar Swapnil Suresh H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
30 Dr. Bobhate Shruti Sadashiv H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
31 Dr. Nisha Devi Harilal Nirmal H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
32 Dr. Sutar Hritu Sunil H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
33 Dr. Rahul D. Bhiugeade H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
34 Dr. N.U. Govekar H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
35 Dr. P.R. Khorate H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
36 Dr. N.R. Patil H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
37 Dr. S.S. Swami H.Physician (Resi.)*** F.T.
38 Dr. D.V. Ladage H.Physician (Res ) *** F.T.
39 Mrs. Shilpa Pawar Dispenser F.T.
40 Mrs. S.L. Kanbargi Dispenser F.T.
41 Miss. Amruta Sutar Lab Technician F.T.
42 Mr. Amol Namdev Mangal X Ray Tech/Radiographer F.T.
43 Mr. J.B. Gawade Dresser F.T.
44 Mr. Sachin Udale X Ray Attendant F.T.
45 Mrs. R.R. Shetty Nursing Staff Incharge F.T.
46 Miss. Sheela Kerlekar Nurse F.T.
47 Mrs. S.S. Pawar Nurse F.T.
48 Mrs. V.S. Patil Nurse F.T.
49 Miss.Diksha D. Samudre Nurse F.T.
50 Mrs. Sunita L. Patil Nurse F.T.
51 Mrs. M.S. Londhe Nurse F.T.
52 Mrs. S.D. Samudre Nurse F.T.
53 Smt. U.D. Devpuje Ward Aya F.T.
54 Smt. Bebijan Shaikh Ward Aya F.T.
55 Smt. S.S. Davere Ward Aya F.T.
56 Smt. L.T. Ghonache Ward Aya F.T.
57 Smt. Vidya Khade Ward Aya F.T.
58 Smt. S.L. Pandharbale Ward Aya F.T.
59 Smt. Rajshri Kamble Ward Aya F.T.
60 Mr. J.W. Sasane Store Keeper F.T.
61 Miss Heena I. Shaikh Registration Clerk/ Telephone Operator F.T.
62 Dr. Sneha. S. Patil Yoga Expert F.T.
63 Dr. Rohan Chavan Physiotherapist F.T.
64 Dr. S.P. Joshi Dietician P.T.
65 Mrs. A.S. Gandham Secretarial Staff (Clerk) F.T.
66 Mr. S.G. Patil Accounts Staff- Accountant F.T.
67 Mr. Avinash A. More Aux. Staff (Lab Attendant) F.T.
68 Mr. K.V. Sonule Aux. Staff (Dark Room Attendant) F.T.
69 Mr. B.R. Khabade Aux. Staff (Peon) F.T.
70 Mrs. S.H. Yelpale Hospital Receptionist F.T.
71 N.A. Cleaner On Contract
72 N.A. Landry Man On Contract
73 N.A. Caterer On Contract
74 Mr. R. J. Gawade Gardner F.T.
75 N.A. Watch & Ward Duty Man On Contract

Note :

1. * This sign indicates Staff on call

2. ** This sign indicates staff (teachers) in the departments of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pathology deputed as surgeon, Obstetrician/ Gynecologist, pathologist and biochemist respectively amongst hospital staff

3. *** This sign indicates M.D. Hom. students work as House Physician in Hospital