Seminars and Conferences

Date Topic Name Held By
18-02-2024 HOMESACON-2024 Speaker - Dr. Jaswant Patil Topic - New Era of Homoeopathy Speaker - Dr. Rahul Joshi Topic - Advancements in Homoeopathy Speaker - Dr. Rosario D souza Topic- National Exit Test of NCH
27-02-2022 HOMESACON-2022 Speaker - Dr. Rahul Joshi, Topic - Transforming Lives with Homoeopathy - Learning through Cases Speaker - Dr. Kumar Dhawale, Topic - Contribution of Homoeopathy towards building a mentally able world Speaker - Dr. Rosario D souza, Topic- Worldwide Homoeopathy in COVID-19 pandemic
26-03-2023 HOMESACON-2023 Speaker - Dr. Bipin Jain Topic - Homoeopathy Sustainable Option- Hope for the future Speaker - Dr. Rahul Joshi Topic - Why is Homoeopathy the best healing art Speaker - Dr. Rosario D souza Topic- NCH Regulations-2022
21-03-2021 HOMESACON-2021 Speaker - DrPritviraj Methe Topic- Post Covid -19 Complications & Vaccinations Speaker - Dr. Rahul Joshi Topic- Homoeopathy - In Resporatory illness & Covid-19 complications Speaker- Dr. Rosario D souza National Commision for Homoepathy- Pros & cons
19-01-2020 HOMESACON-2020 Speaker - Dr. Jawar Shah, Topic - Formula for Global Homeopathic Practice , Speaker - Dr. Rahul Joshi, Topic - Homoeopathy -the simple art for miraculous healing, Speaker - Dr. Rosario D souza, Topic - Legal status of CCMP
20/1/2019 HOMESACON-2019 Speaker - Dr. Anoop Nigvekar, Topic - Application of Homoeopathy for public health , Speaker - Dr. Rahul Joshi, Topic - Homoeopathy in primary health care, Speaker - Dr. Rosario D'souza, Topic - Medicoleagal awareness in public health
10/4/2018 Dynamic Understanding of Miasm Dr. Santosh Ranade
10/4/2018 Constitutional Prescription Dr. Sagar Rahalkar
28/1/2018 Homoeopathy in Psychiatric Disorders Dr.Rahul Joshi
28/1/2018 Depression in Women & Child Dr.Kaveri Chougule
28/1/2018 How to overcome Depression Dr.Rosario D'souza
25/4/2017 Discussion of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences , Nashik syllabus wise Repertory Topics & their importance in Theory & Practical Dr. Sanjay Patil
13/07/2017 Clinical History Taking Dr. Mangesh Jatkar
22/2/2017 to 24/2/2017 Basic Research Methodology Workshop for PG students and Teachers IMETTT,MUHS
29/1/2017 Conference Speaker - Dr.Jayprakash Ramanand Topic - Pharmacology for Homoeopaths, Speaker - Dr. Rahul Joshi Topic - Management of Common Gastrointestinal Diseases, Speaker - Dr. Rosario D'souza Topic - Research in Homoeopathy